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It looks like the 2024 Ford Edge will be the final model year for this sporty midsize crossover, and it’s finally here! Check out the Edge for a unique combination of athleticism, efficiency, and family-friendly comfort.

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2024 Ford Edge

It looks like the 2024 Ford Edge will be the final model year for this sporty midsize crossover, and it’s finally here! Check out the Edge for a unique combination of athleticism, efficiency, and family-friendly comfort.

2023 Ford Edge ST

It’s time to say hello to the Edge’s performance trim. The 2023 Ford Edge ST is the ideal trim for anyone looking for enhanced comfort and one of the best engines in the Ford Edge lineup. While it does have its fair share of similarities with the base trim in many respects, the 2023 Edge ST offers exclusive comfort features, new packages, and superior perks that you won’t find on any of its trim predecessors. If you're wondering whether the ST benefits are worth it or if other Edge trims might be more suitable for you, our review guide has all the answers to ensure you make the best choice within your budget.

2023 Ford Edge vs Ford Explorer

Are you stuck between the 2023 Ford Edge and the Ford Explorer? The two vehicles are both popular in their respective classes, which vehicle you choose will most likely come down to what you need in a vehicle.

2023 Ford Edge vs Ford Escape

Ford has produced many SUVs throughout the years. The 2023 Ford Edge is quite the competitor as it is sleek and powerful. When comparing this SUV to the others in the Ford lineup many may wonder how it compares to the Ford Escape. In this review we will look into those key similarities and differences.

2023 Ford Edge vs Honda CRV

When looking for a mid size SUV the 2023 Ford Edge has probably come across your search. The Ford Edge is a great mid size SUV, and many may be curious as to how it compares to others, especially the redesigned 2023 Honda CR-V. In this guide we will look at the similarities and differences of these two vehicles.

2023 Ford Edge vs 2022 Ford Edge

The 2023 Ford Edge is the ninth year of this mid-size SUV. It has a great amount of power under the hood and a good amount of features, however, when looking for a mid-size SUV such as the Edge it is important to look at all options. In this guide we will look at the differences and similarities of the 2023 Ford Edge and the 2022 Ford Edge.

2022 Ford Edge Titanium

Choose the 2022 Ford Edge Titanium for a great price on a very luxurious midsize crossover SUV! This Edge trim model is loaded with upscale comforts, cutting-edge infotainment technology, helpful safety aids, and a very peppy powertrain. Let’s take a closer look at everything this entails.

2022 Ford Edge SEL

When you choose the 2022 Ford Edge SEL, you’ll be driving off into the sunset in a small crossover SUV that’s both sporty and comfortable. Compared to other Edge trim models, the SEL delivers the features you can’t live without at a price that you can definitely live with!

2023 Ford Edge

The 2023 Ford Edge has finally arrived. Before you swing by Signature Ford to order your version of this midsize crossover SUV, our buying guide is here to address some of your questions and concerns!

2022 Ford Edge vs Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2022 Ford Edge and 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe both offer a spacious cabin but that’s about the end of things they have in common. The 2022 Ford Edge offers more in technology and cargo space but less in trim options and standard safety features. The Hyundai Santa Fe does offer a hybrid option but only in 11 states, not including Michigan. Let’s see how they look side by side.

2022 Ford Edge vs Nissan Rogue

The 2022 Ford Edge and Nissan Rogue both offer their fair share of creature comforts and tech features. And both of these modern crossover SUVs are known for their sporty capabilities. But which of these crossovers is right for you? Let our comparison be your guide!

2021 Ford Edge vs Mazda CX-5

So you’ve decided that you’re going to get a brand new crossover, but you can’t decide between the 2021 Ford Edge and Mazda CX-5. Don’t worry, because our comparison guide can help. Check it out for a better understanding of each model.

2020 Ford Edge vs Buick Encore

Deciding between the 2020 Ford Edge and Buick Encore can be tough. The Edge is a midsize crossover that combines family-style comfort with sporty utility. And the Encore is a subcompact crossover that balances efficiency with an air of luxury. Which is best for your daily drive? At Lunghamer Auto Group, we’re here to help you better examine each model.

2020 Ford Edge vs Jeep Renegade

The 2020 Ford Edge and Jeep Renegade have so much in common that you might initially struggle to choose between them. Luckily, our comparison guide is here to compare specific numbers and features of these sporty crossovers.

2020 Ford Edge

People certainly like their sport utility vehicles. What was once a big-and-tall kind of vehicle has become a smaller, sleeker, nimbler option for smaller families too. That’s why the midsize SUV is the fastest-moving class in the country. And Ford has a solid contender in this class in the 2020 Edge. In this preview guide, we’ll explore this five-seater, along with its changes for the new model year.

2019 Ford Edge vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

Both comfy and sporty, the 2019 Ford Edge and Jeep Grand Cherokee are two family-friendly midsize crossovers with a kick. Which should you choose? Our comparison guide takes a closer look at these popular crossovers to help you decide.

2019 Ford Edge vs Toyota RAV4

In a contest between the midsize 2019 Ford Edge and the compact Toyota RAV4, things might seem pretty even at first glance. They both tow up to 3,500 pounds, which is very good for a smaller SUV. And they both promise sportiness and power. But that’s not the end of the story, as you’ll see in this comparison guide.

2019 Ford Edge vs Hyundai Santa Fe

The SUV previously known as the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport just received a complete overhaul and became the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. Whenever new models or completely redesigned ones hit the dealerships, we like to compare them to the tried-and-true models in the same class. That’s why we’re looking at another great midsize sport utility vehicle in the form of the 2019 Ford Edge. Has the Santa Fe surpassed the Edge, or is the Edge still a force to be reckoned with. Keep reading and find out.

2019 Ford Edge vs Honda CR-V

Jump into the 2019 Ford Edge and Honda CR-V for all-star takes on what crossover comfort and performance should be. There's so much to like about each model, in fact, that you might find yourself struggling to choose just one. Our comparison guide is here to help.

2019 Ford Edge

If you watch cars like we do, the first thing you may notice about the new 2019 Ford Edge is the price increase from last model year. The base Edge SE starts at $30,990, about $680 more the same SUV last year. But before you start complaining, we're here to tell you that the Edge has more value than ever, even with the price hike. Plenty of updates for the 2019 model-such as refreshed styling, new eight-speed automatic transmission, new standard features, and the new Edge ST trim-make this Ford Edge the best yet and well worth the money. In this preview guide, we'll run down what's new and what's still golden from previous years.

2018 Ford Edge

The Ford Escape and Explorer are both in the Top Ten best selling SUV list for 2017. But the Ford Edge also deserves its chance in the spotlight. If you're looking for a good SUV that seats up to five, look no further. The Edge is more maneuverable and eco-friendly than the Explorer but more spacious and powerful than the Escape.

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